Choose your fantasy below..

I am a busty, muscular bodybuilder who is five feet, eight
inches and 174 pounds of rock hard muscle. I have powerful arms  &
I specialize in   semi-competitive  & fantasy wrestling.
...there is muscle worship, foot & heel, Leg & stocking worship, posing,
role play, lifts and carries, scissors, fantasy boxing, ballbusting, Erotic Dancing (Open Bar & in house Jacuzzi available).
I can bring your fetish dreams to life with my own special style of
domination. ..........bellypunching and very erotic or knock out, whichever
you prefer. I can bring your deepest fantasies to life and leave you
begging for more.  Corporal punishment, restraints, paddling, verbal
Want more?
I'm also available for phone session.  Sex Therapy session by phone only.
I'm available for... Dinner by appointment only. (There is a charge for
Now, go for it!  You can also pay by credit cards and ATM debit cards. 
 Let me tell you more about myself...
Where to begin?
Personal Trainer  
author of stories
Producer of REAL wrestling (punching)fistfighting belly punching &
ballbusting videos, micro-photographer, criminal case analyst (legal
assistant), hotel/motel management, tractor trailer driver (yeah),
and that slightly naughty side of me, as an exotic dancer.
I have worked at the best and most respected clubs such as Rachel's,
Dancers Royale, Pure Platinum, and Ft. Lauderdale Dollhouse III.  1999 Hooter's Girls Judge.
In '96 I worked the Cybergenics booth at the Arnold Schwarzenegger
Classic. This led me into some modeling work for an international
I appeared in THE HEAD & TALES MAY 99 issue vol. 2-3, FIGHTING
FEMALES April & summer  99 & Spring 2000 & Fighting Female
presents ""WRESTLING FEM 2000" &  "LE MONDE DU MUSCLE"..(A French Magazine which can be found in Europe. ) "Pain & Pleasure" (The Dark side of Sex)
Feb 2000. Keep an eye out for me in future  Fighting Females magazines and upcoming interviews in FEMME FATALES,   I'm feature in each past issue and each future issue of "XOTIC" Magazine .  Which can be purchase from me for $5.00 plus shipping and handling or found on magazine shelves in the South Florida area.   

A documentary featuring my development and talents,has appeared on 5
Brazilian television stations, Miami, City TV in Canada and German Television.   Look for upcoming documentary on MTV.  This kind of exposure has placed
images of me on calendars, T-shirts, hats, and even
marble souvenir clocks. 

I have a featured video series available for purchase. Real Punching.
Erotic belly punching, wrestling Videos Lift & carries,  sensual poising ,
foot & fist domination etc.  See my video page for more information
 "JAZZMON'S PRIVATE COLLECTIONS"   Don't miss owning a video
or book for your private collection! Interested in any of the above
More and more people have become avid fans, competitors, and just
enthusiasts of "real women"...fighting men.
I accept all Credit and Debit Cards Enterprising name is
Erskin R. Enterprises
I have a fan club by request of my fans. For membership information
email or contact me.  Contact info at bottom of page.
Personal Note: If you are interested in a capital business
venture opportunity concerning the development of this endeavor, then
contact me and let's talk.
I have stories available on audio cassette about my fictional
adventures. These are sexy and violent stories that are sure to ring your
chimes. The price per cassette is $20.00.  Go here  to find out how you
can received your free video. 
Contact #   Boca Raton, Florida (561) 417 5426  Orlando, Florida (407) 331-2824
Itinerary line (407) 672-4025
M.O. send to: (for faster service send MO to Boca address)Or place your order by sending an email to  and a check by
Jazzmon Radford
PO Box 272011
Boca Raton, Florida 33427