13/Jul/98 19:1

This is an account of a session I had with Jazzmon about a year and a half ago. I met her at her hotel room. I am doing this review in a different type of style, than usual. I will be as detailed as I can remember. If you have any questions about the review post them in a reply on this board or TomNines's

Most of you know that I am a straight shooter, if not read more of my posts.
Also I would like to ask Jazzmon to give her thoughts on my review as well. Hopefully she will remember me.

Here Goes:

The appt. was set for 1pm. I had waited a good two weeks for the meeting. I was very excited and a little bit nervous. I loved the way Jazzmon looked on her Web site, the shot of her in the red evening dress was my particular favorite. She looked incredible, arms full, and a great thickness about her.

I was impressed by her stats on the page, though I was a little bit concerned about how strong she was. I am 6ft 1in and a little over 200lbs. i am an amatuer bb myself. To give you a gage of my strength, I have 17 inch arms, 24 inch thighs, bench 300lbs , arm curl 120lbs for 3 sets of 6; and squat 400lbs. Her stats on the page were 5'8" 180lbs. I like the bigger physiques so I was hoping that she would be even bigger.

Well I arrived outside her Hotel, and called her. She spoke in a freindly semi deep sultry voice, and told me to come up and her room number. Well going up the elevator, my heart was racing in anticipation. I generally plan the session in my head before time, and this was no exception. I planned on 10 minutes of posing and measuring, and comparison poses, and 20 minutes of wrestling around and talking.
The elevator doors opened and I walked down the hall to her room and knocked on the door. I had mentioned to her that I would like her to be covered up when I got there. I like this because it would allow me to see her muscles when she took off her robe, its more dramatic to me.

She oppened the Door! Standing before me was a Jazzmon. To my surprise I eas looking her in the eyes. She had on about 3 inch heels, and was as tall as I was. She had on a silk bathrobe, and the thing that stood out the most was the way it hung over her huge traps.
She was so thick looking underneath her robe. It went down to about her knees. She had beutiful stunning eyes, and a nice smile, with Long braided hair. She was quite attractive. We exchanged hellos, and she was very welcoming and nice.

We proceeded to move some furniture and crested a posing/wrestling area. She actually was lifting some heavy furniture herself and putting it aside.

I proceeded to strip down to my shorts, and she admired my physiqe, esbecially my biceps and thigh sweep. I said thanks, and she then proceeded to say" Are you ready for this" and I said definetly.

She opened up her robe and let it fall to the ground, and she was standing there in a one piece lingere type of outfit, and hit a double bicep shot. I was in awe. Her triceps flared out like wings, her Chest was enormous, her stomach was tight, and her lats looked like an aeroplane.

Her shoulders were incredible as well. Her legs were big, and she had a decent sweep to them. She proceeded to do poses . I then asked her if we could take some measurements. She said sure. I took her arms at 15.25 and she measured mine at 17 inches,( though hers for some reason looke twice as big as min...I her triceps are much bigger. Her legs measured 24 inches, and mine actually measured a little over 23. She told me she weighed 185lbs at the time.

I then told her I admired the pic of her in her red evening dress, she said" Well let me try it on for you" she then went into her luggage and whipped it out. She put a thong on, and then the dress as she turned away from me, to put it on, her back looked like a landing strip. She turned around and it looked even better on her in person.

She then posed more and we then decided to wrestle around a bit.

She now had a little bikini bottom and a little top on. I know she likes to do domination, but I am not into it, but she did have a couple of gadget for that in her bag...leather ropes and stuff. So we started to grapple from a kneeling postion.

She is very aggressive, and got me in a couple of clinches. She has very strong hands, and arms and is good at grabbing you and pulling you down. We wrestled 5 times and she actually controlled me on two of them, and I won two as well, and the other was pretty much a mutual give. When she got a scissor on me and pinned me down, she was pretty much in control. And vice versa. I was about 20 lbs heavier than her. She told me she wanted to get much bigger, up to 210lbs or so. I think at this weight, she could definetly out muscle me. She is Huge, but I think if she was 20 lbs heavier she would be even more amazing. I asked her about peoples reactions to her when she would walk down the street. and we got into a good conversation. She enjoyed her strength, and looks. She had talked about being a Dancer, and about some of the reactions she got.

She sat over me and flexed for a while, and then it was time to armwrestle. We only had one match, and I beat her in about 5 seconds, though it is not really her thing, and I have never lost one yet, so I didnt get into any more matches in that.

It was then time for me to go, we talked some more and I got my things together and left, I gave her a hug ( My arms could barely fit around her) and Said good bye , and she said that the next time we meet she will be even bigger, I said I couldnt wait. Then I was off.

I left saying to myself it was one of the best sessions I have ever had. She was very nice ; muscular; Huge ; and strong, I had recently wrestled Lora O. two months before and I though Jazzmon was much more powerful and imposing.