On Jazzmon

by: Sandypix

Those who admire women bodybuilders and  wrestlers often talk about dreams--dreams of the perfect woman or dreams of the perfect fantasy experience. But are dreams enough? After all, they are mere mental images--and unconscious ones at that.

We admirers also often speak of muscle worship. It's easy for men like me to worship perfectly carved legs, ultra-wide lats, rock-hard calves, or a womanly six pack. Yet, why only worship the body parts when you can worship the entire woman? Why not worship everything about her? Why not get it all?

Few women bodybuilders and wrestlers deserve such total worship. It's a status that's earned. It's earned with strength, skill, and savy. Jazzmon is one of the women who's earned it. From her witty head to her tantalizing toes, she's a dream come true, the perfect fantasy fulfilled, the ultimate object of adoration. She's the greatest. How do I know? She's proved it to me, and, given time, she'll prove it to all who wrestle her.

Here is the information you requested concerning Jazzmon's participation in a previous charity fund raiser.

To Whom It May Concern:

On November 7, 1998, Jazzmon participated in a charity fund raiser for Hooter's of Casselberry. She was asked to be a celebrity judge for the National Miss Hooter's Bikini Contest Quarterfinals. The monies raised at this event were distributed among several local charities including the Gazeeka Fund which has a goal of $100,000.

Her personal posing, signing of autographs, and auctioning of her posing shirts helped contribute greatly to the amount raised that evening. The audience of both men and women were once again in awe of the beauty and most impressive body of their celebrity judge, JAZZMON.