This story was written by Jeff Morris

Jazzmon the Warrior

Jazzmon crouched, like a cat ready to pounce. The sweat glistening on her magnificent breasts, the sword held steady in her strong muscular arms. The chains that had previously held her, slung casually over her shoulder, another potential weapon should the need arise. She could see the guards advancing towards her, outnumbering her five to one. A smile crossed her lips, she knew she held the advantage, as the guards stared momentarily mesmerised by her near naked torso and firm leather clad thighs. Jazzmon noticed the bulges forming in the mens crotches and knew that it was time to turn thoughts of sexual fantasy into a bloody nightmare.

In one fluid motion Jazzmon rose silently to her feet sending her sword arm out into a deadly arc, at first it appeared that the blade had missed its intended targets, until Jazzmon with a perfectly placed roundhouse kick sent both the leading guards sprawling backwards, their severed heads hitting the floor with a sickening thud, as the knees of their bodies buckled and crumpled to the floor, as if worshipping at Jazzmon's feet.

The three remaining guards paused momentarily, their courage lost and replaced by fear. Each step Jazzmon took forward was greeted by several in retreat. The men nonger thought of victory but would be happy to survive the encounter. Unfortunately Jazzmon had decided otherwise and was in the mood for some fun. She had already decided that the largest of the three remaining men would have to face her in unarmed combat. All she had to do now was decide what fate she had in store for the other two guards.

Quickly sheathing the blade, with one hand she lashed out with the chain, coiling it around the guards wrist she pulled him towards her with a mighty jerk, she could see the look or terror in the mans eyes as she unleashes a piledriving punch into the mans face, who crumples unconcious to the ground. One of the other men is trying to sneak up behind Jazzmon, intending to grab her from behind. Jazzmon turns slightly and in an instant her powerful leg is aimed straight at the mans chest, the stilletto of her heal puncturing the man's heart like a dagger.

This leaves only the big man, momentarily stuuned by the display he has just witnessed, Jazzmon quickly disarms him and motions him to attack her. He advances and jabs at Jazzmon's head. Jazzmon ducks to avoid his clumsy blow and delivers a punnishing blow to the guards midsection, as he begins to double up in pain she brings up her leather clad knee inhto his face, breaking his nose and violently snapping back his head. Stumbling backwards he somehow manages to remain standing and attemps to throw a roundhouse punch at Jazzmon's chin, the blow glances off the side of her head and she responds with a combination of stomach punches that sends the man tumbling to his knees. Without a moments hesitation Jazzmon turns and lifting her leg over the mans back, trapping the lower part of his neck and head between her python like thighs and begian to squeeze. The man sreamed in pain as she increased the pressure, she knew the man must have felt like his head was enclosed in a tightening vice, she also knew that the sensation would not last much longer.