~Let Our Love Guide Us~

Let our love
Be authentic and sincere,
Be noble and understanding
Be the only truth
That guides us.

Let our love
Be what illuminates us,
Let us not accept strange lights,
That honesty and confidence may always reign,
In our path.

Let our love
Follow its way, because perhaps,
Tomorrow we will find a reason
Of why we arrived late
To our appointment with destiny.

Let me love you even though the
distance is great,
I know, that our love is pure and sincere
Let me dream that from our love,
There were fruits, and that you
Left footprints in my innermost being.

~ The White Rose ~

A long stemmed rose
of unblemished white
was sent to you
one long cool night.

It was selected with
scrupulous care,
chosen above all the others.
carried by hand
set gently at your door.

White for the innocence,
purity and truthfulness
that overflowed from
my heart and soul.

I only wanted you to know...

~Goodnight love~

I know in my heart and soul that you are the only one
I'll ever need and want.
You keep me going in good times and bad.
You make me feel things I never felt before.
You make me see things I never saw.
You make me sigh about life.
You let me be who I am...and accept me.
You are my best friend.
You are my only love...before, now, and forever.
You are with me everyday.
You are in every heartbeat.
You are the sunlight in the morning.
You are the moonlight at night.
You are in every sound that I hear.
You are everything to me.
My everything...

In my dreams
I pictured a person
who was
intelligent, good-looking
sensitive, talented
creative, fun
strong and wise
who would completely
overwhelm me
with love
Since dreams
can be just
wishful thinking
I did not really expect
to find one person
who had all these
outstanding qualities
But then --
I met you
and not only did you
bring back my
belief in dreams
but you are even
more wonderful
than my dreams
By Susan Polis Schutz

- Crystal Dream -

I have a crystal ball, about 3 inches in diameter. Occasionally, I stare at it for hours, becoming lost with my lustful thoughts deep in the bubbly crystal core. A few days ago, I was lying on the floor, on my stomach, with a pillow supporting my chest while I leaned on my elbows. You walked in the room, wearing your work clothes. I rolled over and tried to playfully sneak a peek up your skirt to see if your were wearing any panties, but the room was too dark and my eyes too weak.

Fatigued, you staggered over and crashed down on the couch. After getting up and returning with a nice steaming cup of peach-spice tea, I slid back down on the floor again. You are stretched out on the couch, your legs extend away from the couch. Your quads are striated and huge,

calling for my surrender.

I watch your sensual movements, your toes as they flexed inside your black stockings, your muscular thighs tense and dangerously hard ... your red-painted toe nails barely visible through the silk stockings ...

all of these things aroused me intensely. We talked about our days, and about other mundane things. In the meantime, my hand was carelessly rolling the ball around on the floor.

You slithered your leg over and wrested control of the crystal sphere from me with your foot. I took this opportunity to sneak another glance, and this time I can see you are not wearing any underwear. In my throat, the murmur of a growl wants to escape. As you drag the ball away from me, you accidentally press the sole of your foot onto the ball, and emit a serendipitous moan of pleasure as the force of the ball against your foot releases some tension.

You start rolling the ball around with your stocking feet. I watch intently as your toes spread out and try to engulf the entire diameter of the sphere. The tendons connecting your toes to your leg stand out markedly as you continue to roll the ball around. I watch the contorted reflection of your black, sheer feet through the crystal.

Your calves bulge, rock-hard, and your thighs leap up and relax alternately while your feet press hard into the massaging and relaxing orb. I catch myself gently humping the floor as I watch this intoxicating sight. You always make sure I have a PERFECT view of your legs all through the 'show.' I moan softly, never uttering a word - the intense erotic implications of your feet manipulating the hard crystal sphere is driving me wild.

Unable to stand the erotic agony any longer, I throw myself to my knees and crawl over to where you sit. Your legs playfully open to allow my hips in close to your body. There is barely time between touch and the time we merge our bodies. Only the most subtle movements ... this is not sex, this is intimacy at its MOST pure...


She can easily lure you with just her eyes
Sensual, glistening, full of fire
Jazzmon is breathtaking in beauty and size
Powerful, gorgeous, she's my heart's desire

With arms, back and other muscles galore
She's truly amazing to see
So strong and sensual, no man could want more
Supreme Jazzmon, you're the perfect goddess for me

Though others defame you, even tear you down
The entire world will see
That you will reign in power and glory
To wear wrestling's royal crown

That first time we met, I was on bent knee
You were so glorious and pure
Jazzmon you were so majestic and godlike
I knew you were divine for sure

The ignorant claim Jazzmon is a fraud
But take it from one who knows
She is beautiful and deadly, like a panther on the prowl
And on your neck she can trod

The Jazzmon I know is a winner, a star
With her the sky is the limit
With God as my witness, she WILL go far
It's a better world because Jazzmon is in it

But rest assured you admirers out there
The Gorgeous Jazzmon has a plan
She wants to wrestle all of you
Go ahead, tough guy, make her submit if you can

Jazzmon you inspire and delight in every way
I respect you above all
Because knowing you and believing in you
Has made me a better man today


Jazzmon is a goddess, it's truly said
To divine beauty, she has truly led
A woman, an athlete, a goddess supreme
She's the most glorious diva I've ever seen.



Your bills and debts pile up each day
When will the weight of it stop?
You work and sweat and try to pay
Just to stay on top

Along comes a mighty knight
Dashing in appearance supreme
He swoops you up on his trusty horse
Your bills now only a bad dream

I will free you of your burdens Dear
The knight assures his future queen
One million, two million by Jazzmon seen
With your knight you will always be near


"and now, all I want to do is slip into something that would make mortal men drop to their knees in prayer," she said. Her faded jeans were friendly, if nothing else, and anyone who looked at them would never suspect the transparent nylon panties that were impossibly tight. There was no evidence that she was wearing anything under her jeans. The rust coloured Calvin Kleins showed everything, but under her favourite jeans, exquisitely stressed and gently ripped, she was slipping and sliding against the tough denim, despite the fact that her perfect muscles strained against the fabric.

Her stockings felt strangely cool and frictionless underneath. Occasionally, she would look down and gape hungrily at the evident garter snap resting on her thigh. Everyone could see the snaps. Everyone knew she was shameless. Everyone saw her naked ... and she adored the adulation.

She would flex her thigh to make the clasp more evident. A subtle difference in moral altitude, but to the trained eye, it was Mount Everest. Her quads were perfect.

Someone came in to her office and she would sit on the edge of her desk. The clasp that held her stockings up dug into her flesh, reminding her of her apetite. She was certain the intruder would notice and she desperately wanted them to.

Casually, she raised the hem of her jeans so that anyone with at least one eye could see the silky shimmer that wrapped around her ankles. "Goddamn it, look at this exquisite bondage you blind idiot!"

She was calm, except for the beating of her heart. If she sucked back a gulp of coffee, the acid might turn her guts inside out. If she shifted her weight on her desk, she might cum. If she spoke, her office intruder would hear her heart pounding in her throat.

How desperately she wanted to scream so that her heartbeat could be heard modulating her voice. Instead, she remained silent, nodding in agreement, feeling the intense flush of heat against her cheeks ...


You're bigger than me
Gifted, quick and smart
That's the Jazzmon I see
The one I admired from the start.

You're bigger than me
An example of living art
A sense of humor, a personality
Character and a forgiving heart.

You're bigger than me
Great inner strength to show
Strong mind, spirit free
That's the Jazzmon I've come to know.

You're bigger than me
Caring, positive, upbeat
From pain you set me free
To again stand upon my feet.

24 March 99